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Clover was built in 1935 for the canal carriers Fellows, Morton & Clayton by W.J.Yarwoods & Son and cabined by FMC themselves at their Uxbridge dock. Clover was acquired by Michael Pinnock in April 2006.  With the hull in good order, the inside and outside of the cabin were repainted, the running gear was restored by Michael and a full new set of cloths were fitted, a Bolinder 1053 cold start engine was rebuilt and installed by John Pattle.

Early in 2013 it was decided that clover needed further restoration spurred by the acquisition of a 15hp direct reversing Bolinder engine, the original type of engine fitted to the boat, the clover had numerous jobs done. This restoration included complete new gunnels for the whole length of the hold in Iroko, a new deck beam in Iroko, full running gear repaint and cratch repairs, full hold repaint in red oxide and false floors repaired and treated, ash back deck and cants, partial re-skinning and new slides and runners, work to rudder and swans neck, engine beds changed to suit a 15hp Bolinder, complete engine change and installation and full repaint of engine room interior, a full exterior paint job and traditional sign-writing.

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