At South Island Marina we are pleased to be able to offer traditional narrow boat chimneys and exhaust stacks to any required size. So that odd sized collar you could never get an off the shelf chimney to fit is a thing of the past.

We have designed our chimneys off a number of traditional back cabin stove chimneys and our style has been directly developed from numerous measurements. Though breaking from tradition we use stainless steel as our construction material for longetivity and we can also fit an integral stainless steel liner if required. Apart from our popular chimneys with their traditional brass adornments, we can also provide plain black chimneys which are most suited to constant winter use. All of our chimneys are constructed with solid traditional rivets and look the real deal.   

Please email with your own individual requirements.

Chimney Measurement Guide

To make your chimney fit correctly it is important to measure the base of the collar accurately, if you were to measure just straight across the collar at the top this would not give the correct measurement, true you can have a good guess this way but if you follow our chimney measuring guide we can make sure your chimney fits perfectly.

The first step to ascertain the correct measurement is if your existing chimney fits perfectly, the best way to measure the base of the collar is to simply measure the internal diameter of the chimney.

If the first step is not an option, the second step is to measure the base of the collar by using callipers or, if you do not have any to hand, by placing two straight edges parallel on either side of the chimney collar and measuring the equidistance of the two.