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Emu was originally built in 1926 by W.J.Yarwoods & Sons for the canal carriers Fellows, Morton & Clayton. It was cabined by FMC themselves at their Saltley boatyard. Upon nationalisation it entered the British Waterways fleet but they never operated it due to being in bad condition. The canal carriers Willow Wren acquired the boat and had it repaired to trading condition and was renamed tern. It passed to Willow Wren hire cruisers and was operated as a camping boat for many years; the boat was converted sometime in the late 70’s. Michael Pinnock bought Emu in July 2009, the boat requiring full restoration. Emu was towed back from Rickmansworth to South Island Marina in July 2009 where the boat was de-converted and rotten backcabin and engine room removed, the boat was then lifted out at the yard to accesses the hull condition. The boat required major hull work so was sent away by road to have a new bottom and footings and new back cabin and engine room.

A Bolinder 15hp direct reversing engine, identical to the original engine was installed and the boat was boated back with temporary controls and pipework from the Midlands to South Island Marina. Once back the boat had a brand new set of running gear made including, false floors, beams, mast, topmast, stands, toplanks, cratch and a complete set of cloths. The boatman’s cabin was fitted out and finished traditionally with scumble graining. The engine room was painted and the engine installation completed, the boat was professionally painted and finished with traditional signwriting.

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