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Fazeley was originally built in 1921 by Fellows, Morton & Clayton at their Saltley boatyard. Fazeley was originally to be built as a motorboat, but due to a shortage of Bolinder engines was finished as an unpowered horse boat. Fazeley was acquired by Michael Pinnock in March 2008 in a dilapidated condition, over the next year the wooden cabins were re-skinned and fibre glassed and new wooden panels fitted.

The cabins were traditionally grained and decorated inside and the exterior of the boat  received a new paint job with traditional signwriting to present the boat as she would of looked when working for FMC. The hold was cleaned and painted at the same time, the false floors or shutts were in serviceable condition with a few repairs so these were repaired and reused, all the gunnels on the hold were sanded back and where necessary new pieces of wood let in, apart from the deckboard, a full set of running gear was constructed and painted traditionally, a new set of cloths was installed and all associated ropework was made up. The elum was also repaired at the same time. Apart from a new set of false floors in September 2012 the boat is still looking good from its 2008 restoration.


Currently Fazeley is under going a Cabin re-build after a new bottom was installed in 2018 after about 40 years, as the first restoration the bottom was in good condition, however we knew this would have to be done at a later stage.

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